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Welcome to MMH Service, your dependable source for plumbing and electrical solutions in Deal, NJ. As your dedicated service providers, we don’t just fix pipes and wires; we prioritize the safety and comfort of your home in the prestigious community of Deal.

In Deal, we understand the unique needs of this affluent town. From its luxurious estates to its discerning residents, MMH has been an integral part of the community, contributing to the well-being of Deal homes for years.

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Local Insight

With an intimate knowledge of Deal’s infrastructure, we navigate the intricacies of local plumbing and electrical systems effortlessly.

Swift and Effective

MM Home Services in Deal is dedicated to rapid response times, ensuring your home returns to normalcy promptly.

Licensed Professionals

Our team of licensed plumbers and electricians in Deal upholds the highest standards, providing expert solutions tailored to all your plumbing and electrical needs.

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In Deal, NJ, MM Home Service is the trusted name for plumbing and electrical solutions. Our skilled team specializes in addressing diverse home repair needs with precision and expertise. From electrical repairs to plumbing services and mobility chair lift installations, our technicians ensure the safety and functionality of homes in Deal. Committed to delivering prompt and reliable service, MM Home Service strives to meet the unique requirements of Deal residents, providing top-notch solutions for plumbing and electrical concerns. Choose MM Home Service for excellence in home repairs in Deal, NJ, where quality meets reliability.

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Explore Deal, NJ

Nestled along the affluent Jersey Shore, Deal is an exclusive town that harmoniously blends elegance with a sophisticated community spirit. A stroll through the streets of Deal unveils a range of attractions and activities that make this town truly distinctive.

Deal Casino

Experience opulence at Deal Casino, a private beach club that offers residents a pristine beach, luxurious amenities, and a tranquil setting for relaxation and recreation.

Norwood Avenue

Explore the charming architecture of Norwood Avenue, where grand homes and manicured lawns showcase the town’s affluent character and timeless appeal.

Deal Golf and Country Club

Indulge in leisure at the Deal Golf and Country Club, providing residents with a prestigious golfing experience, social events, and a refined atmosphere for recreation.

Ross Lake

Enjoy the tranquility of Ross Lake, a serene oasis surrounded by nature that provides residents with walking paths and a peaceful retreat within the exclusive community.

Deal Synagogue

Visit the historic Deal Synagogue, a cultural and architectural gem that reflects the town’s rich heritage, contributing to the cultural identity of Deal.

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MMH Service is honored to be an essential part of the Deal community, providing premium plumbing and electrical services to ensure the homes here receive top-notch care for a secure and comfortable living environment.

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